Mission Statement

Kennedy Hutson Associates was founded on the belief that we can both preserve our architectural legacy and then build upon it in a modern vocabulary, thereby heightening awareness and appreciation for design both past and present. The firm is committed to the idea that good architectural design should be an achievable goal for an underserved component of the general population.

Firm Overview

Kennedy Hutson Associates is a small design-based architectural practice located in Monticello, Illinois. Founded in 1995, KHA remains small by design in order to maintain the firm as a true design practice where every project benefits from total involvement.

The firm's Principal, Kennedy Hutson, is a native of Monticello and returned to the area in order to realize a lifelong goal of contributing to the local community and beyond by providing the availability of a high level of architectural design. Varied specializations and interests have combined to produce a singular design philosophy, which professes no signature style. KHA believes that there should be no separation between the natural environment, the historical context and a desire to look toward the future. Rather, design is always part of a greater continuum whereby we must respond to an ever changing world and it's evolving parameters.

Kennedy Hutson Associates professes that good design should not be limited solely to the affluent, and in fact, that innovative and sensible design solutions contribute to the long term economies and sustainability of every project. Thoughtful design pays back.

Project Experience

Kennedy Hutson Associates is well versed in a wide variety of project types, including Historic Preservation, Commercial / Institutional and Multi-family and Single-family Residential. KHA takes on new projects based on interest, rather than budget, and always strives to develop the maximum potential for all clients.