Sober-Miner Residence
Mansfield, Illinois

After purchasing a small farmstead in rural Piatt County, these clients concluded that the existing farmhouse would not work as their residence. They instead turned their attention to a dilapidated barn on the property. Following some remedial work to stabilize the structure, Kennedy Hutson Associates was enlisted to evaluate the barn for is adaptability for a residence.

While the barn would need a significant makeover to bring it up to residential standards, the structure remained sound. Further, the barn's location within the overall site and its orientation were excellent for privacy, views and solar benefits.

A design was developed utilizing pre-existing spaces and exterior openings whenever possible. The addition of an attached 2-car garage in the spontaneous spirit of barns was accomplished in a second lean-to form. The overall solution resulted in a livable structure that took advantage of the inherent economies and character of the original barn while providing the owners with the unique and site sensitive home they desired.