Wray-Mol Residence
Champaign, Illinois

When this couple decided to combine households, their existing mid-century ranch, a classic of the type, was no longer large enough to accommodate their needs. In addition to needing a more state of the art Master Bedroom/Bathroom Suite, the program called for additional living space and a home office capable of receiving clients.

A previous addition/remodel of the house, also by Kennedy Hutson, had added a two car garage, an improved kitchen and a new laundry room. For this iteration, the client desired a two story wing to the rear of the property to capitalize on views of their shade garden. The resulting addition houses remodeled living space as well as new space for the office and a half bath, accessible by a separate outdoor entrance, on the first floor. The second floor contains the Master Bedroom and various Bath and Dressing functions.

The addition was designed to emulate the original ranch in structure and material. Primary spaces orient to the shade garden and an abundance of natural light is achieved through well placed openings in all four directions.