Baytowne Clubhouse
Champaign, Illinois

When one of Champaign's leading real estate developers made plans to construct a pioneering upscale apartment community, the need for an extensive Clubhouse facility was seen as key.

The Baytowne Clubhouse was designed as the focal point of this extensive complex. The purpose of the Clubhouse is two-fold: to function as a sales and marketing center for the development and to provide extensive amenities for the complex's residents.

An elaborate centerpiece, the Clubhouse is elevated and located on axis with the gated entrance and at the head of the large man-made lake, thus serving as a visual amenity for the entire complex. The formal architecture was conceived to lend a sense of grandeur to the overall complex and contains a lobby, reception rooms, a bar & grill with extensive outdoor dining, a health club, and a large outdoor swimming pool with terraces as well as an associated sand beach and dock.