Kennedy Hutson Associates
Monticello, Illinois

Two derelict downtown buildings were saved from demolition through re-use as mixed-use structures. Originally constructed as a residence and its carriage house, the buildings have been through many changes and uses in their 130 year history. Recent renovations resulted in retail and housing in the main house and an architectural office in the carriage house.

The former carriage house had been converted to a small restaurant with living quarters above for the owner/operator. More recently, the building had functioned as two small apartments.

The renovation of the building into architectural offices based much on the restoration of the original brick arch fašade and the reopening up of the interior in order to allow an open loft. An open plan office with conference/library functions on the main level and the design studio on the loft has resulted in a highly functional and interesting space with many nods to its former lives.

New life for this historic resource has been assured for years to come.